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Hi guys!

In this time, the interview is going to be in english because it could be an interesting… experiment?

Well, we don’t know exactly why, hahaha. So, just enjoy it!




NM: How and when did the idea of forming this musical project come about? Why did you finally decide to use that genre?


Actually, this project came out at the end of our past band Dead Talking Mind.

This band was founded in 2007 and split in 2012 after the simultaneous departure of 2 members.

From a Thrash-Death background, Kévin Paradis (drums) and I freely decided  to turn over to Progressive death blend. The Arisen was born.


 NM: Recently your band released your debut EP called “Rising Times” Tell us about it, what we can find in this EP to the listen?


’Rising Times’ is an EP that gathers everything we composed since 2012 (the foundation of The Arisen).  It includes the song ‘Apocalyptic Madness’, the first song we composed when we were just a duet, on which we had the lucky opportunity to have a guest appearance of Julien Truchand, vocalist from Benighted. There is  more  recent  stuff we have written with  Sylvain (bass) and Clément (guitar) who joined us in 2014. It also  contains a central piece : ‘Halfway From The Sun’ that brings a progressive and oriental hint.

The whole Ep is available for listening on bandcamp, you can buy it for 4€ :

We also have a youtube channel on which you can find a guitar playthrough of the song ‘Apocalyptic Madness’ and a teaser with song snippets.

Maybe videoclips coming soon !




 NM: Referring to “Rising Times,” How was your experience both when composing songs and how was when you record it?


   The writting process was slightly chaotic since it took more than 3 years( laughs).

Most of the songs were composed by Kévin and I, but Sylvain and Clément have also brought their contribution on soli, lyrics and arrangements.

The recording was very convenient though, because we made it home.

All shots were re-amped by Lasse Lamerte at LSD Studios and Kevin handled the mastering.


NM: Have you already started to tour around the clubs? Where can we see you next?


We already played a few gigs in the Lyon area, and we have nice events to be announced in autumn. We are booking a few shows in Spain for 2016, you can see more on our Facebook page.


NM: Can you count an anecdote or interesting experience?


One immediately crosses my mind, the recording of the guest vocals with Julien Truchand :

He arrived at the studio, lyrics in his hands and nailed all the shots in barely an hour, showing us all the wideness of his vocal specturm almost every time with a single try.

It goes without saying that he has some serious skills ease and really impressive chest.

And above all, he is the nicest guy ever ! It was definitely a pleasure to work with him.


NM: What expectations do you have and what dreams did you project in the future of the band?


We intend to record a full-lenght album in 2016 that we hope to see released on a label, and that could benefit from a studio production. But beeing on stage remains a priority for the band , we wish to tour in Europe, we can’t wait to come in Spain and meet you fellow metalheads. Stay tuned !


NM: What are your main influences?


Our influences are many and diverse amongst members, from black-death to folk metal without forgetting thrash or even djent. We all agree on bands such as Opeth, Between The Buried And Me, Textures, Gorod, Necrophagist and Dying Fetus.




NM: In NuevaMetal we love to discover new bands, Will you recomend us a couple of bands of your environment?


I must highly recommand Benighted, and Gorod from national scene.

And also our many side projects : Svart Crown, F.O.A.D, Mithridatic and Deathawaits…


NM: Thanks for your time and to finish I would just like to give you some from my humble opinion: you never lose sight of, as a band, the power of communication. Thank you very much again, a greeting!


Thanks for the interview !

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Greetings from The Arisen band.


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